Association Secretariat Services

In the past five years, there has been a growing trend of Associations outsourcing their Secretariat services to a preferred PCO, who have come to know the internal workings of the Association through the management of their annual Conference and membership activities.

GEMS now manage the secretariat services for numerous clients, who previously engaged GEMS for the sole purpose of managing their annual industry and membership events.

They have not looked back!

In managing both the Association secretariat and events for these clients, we discovered the immense benefits to the client Association. These include…

  • Improved communications and knowledge about the membership base – In managing both Association events and member communications, we get to know who the members are and what their professional development needs are.
  • Currency of member information – Through an integrated service, all member information is maintained in one data management system, which allows us to record all contact made with the client, membership fees and a detailed listing of all events that members attend.
  • Well-structured Events Schedule – With the knowledge of who your members are and what their needs are, we work with the Association to develop a well-structured annual events schedule.
  • Improved Financial Management – GEMS can offer a holistic approach to the management of all Association finances, integrating budgetary requirements for each event activity.

If you would like to get a quote on our Association Secretariat Services, please contact Managing Director, Julie McGraw on +61 2 9744 5252.