Do Your Industry a Favour

Whether we are employed or not at this time, this is an opportunity to do your industry a favour. What I mean, is that we have the chance and the time to lend a hand, collaborate and make a difference where we can.

Our entire events and tourism industry is in a world of pain. However, there are some really fantastic initiatives coming from this ‘down time’. I’m seeing them every day and while the office lights may have been turned off for now, it’s obvious that the creative lights in the minds of many are on startling fluorescent. These are clearly the glass half full people – Find yourself in a bad situation and learn how to make it better – have lemons, make lemonade….. well, you know what I mean.

In recent times we have all been forced into the uncomfortable position of thinking outside the box to try and generate some form of cash flow, stay relevant and simply live as best we can, hoping this world we now live in is only temporary.

Some really impressive things can come from this time of uncertainty, and I for one am using it, not only to support the business I work for but also to support those industry colleagues and groups around me.

Take the time to reach out to other business and industry groups where you think your voice and expertise may be valued. You’ll be surprised to find your contributions are welcomed and valued. You’ll be doing something for the greater good and make yourself feel useful and keep the fire burning in your belly.

Oh, and as a handy outcome to all this you will come out the other side a little more knowledgeable than before with valued professional experiences. What’s not to love about that.

Some suggestions could include:

  • Check in with your colleagues by simply making a call and seeing how they and their businesses are doing. Some of the best industry related conversations and light bulb moments start this way.
  • Have a think about what collaborations and initiatives could benefit other businesses, not just your own and talk to someone about it. Think about others who could get involved and ask them to help.
  • Write (and actually post) articles that you think could benefit others within the industry.
  • Join a few industry zoom chat groups – You should find plenty through your professional LinkedIn and Facebook groups.
  • Get involved with your industry associations. There are endless opportunities through these networks. My experience is that if people are actively involved in being part of the industry associations, they will be willing to open up, share experiences and jump at the chance to be part of a positive working group.
  • Think locally – connect with those in the same city, region or town as you. Use that commonality to create something great!

Regardless of your motives, the key is to just do it. Get involved and you’ll see that you can make a difference and better the industry you work in. It’s a win-win!

Author: Michelle Glasson

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