It’s amazing what we learn about each other in the more trying times!

In the past 6 weeks alone, I think it is fair to say that most of us have learnt many new things about the people we work with, including our clients. We are all connecting on a much more ‘real’ level… and how good is it?

As COVID-19 swoops in and hijacks life as we know it, family, friends, colleagues and clients are rallying together to get through the hardest of times… and wouldn’t you know it, we are learning a lot more about each other than we thought possible.

We are getting glimpses of the humans behind the job titles and experiencing much more open, vulnerable and honest discussions and I think the global community are really onto something with this new approach…. Albeit unintentionally.

Gone are the suits, ties and high-heels and we are almost forced to go with “well, this is me in my home life”. With unprecedented access into people home offices, loungerooms and make-shift dinner table workspaces, people are dropping their strictly professional persona for something a little more honest and real. I’ve got to say, I’m kinda preferring it!

While business, brand and productivity remain very important, I think we’ve stumbled across something that I really hope we don’t loose when we return back to the pre-COVID-19 ‘normal’. Especially working in the business events and tourism sectors, I think we can continue to represent our businesses and brands while really embracing the human element of our work. THIS IS HOW WE SHOULD BE DOING BUSINESS!

Let’s continue to check in on each other and have some non-work related chats about our days, our families, and how our kids are on the brink of being posted on Facebook Marketplace under the banner of ‘Free to a Good Home’.

Let’s have a laugh and continue to be ‘real’ when the aptly named ‘shit show’ is over. Let this be the new ‘normal’ way we communicate and do business.

Let us know your thoughts…

Author: Michelle Glasson

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