#WFH – What’s your plan to keep yourself grounded and moving forward in the days and weeks ahead?

While the world around us is going cray, cray (as my kids like to say), each of us is dealing with a seemingly endless number of changes, which we are continually having to adapt to, both professionally and personally.
If like me, you are still lucky enough to have a job and working from your office or home, you will find that you need to be more autonomous and self-motivated than ever before…and that is a set of skills that usually takes months and even years to hone and master.
So, I wanted to share my thoughts on where to start with managing all the change and learning to channel your focus when you hit the desk.
The daily changes and restrictions we are dealing with are unlike anything that anyone in the current workforce has experienced. At any time of change, we need something to keep us grounded, give us direction and purpose. For me, it’s the four words written on 4 pink post-it notes stuck to my home office wall:

Family, Discipline, Courage and Kindness

Funnily enough, I didn’t write these words in the last few weeks when the world was turning up-side-down. These were in-fact written about 2 months ago, though I find I look to them now more than ever, and on a daily basis.
While these words mean different things to different people, here’s what they mean to me…
Family – Keep life in perspective and remember to live, love and laugh with your family as often as possible.
Discipline – While I have worked from home for nearly 8 years, I still find the most valuable tool (which I constantly work on) is the discipline to keep myself on-task in order to get through the work, get results and ensure satisfaction from what I have accomplished.
Courage – This one for me is about adapting to change (COVID-19 as case in point) and having the courage to explore ideas and experiences outside of my comfort zone. Make sure you try new things that you would not otherwise do and work on being ok with it.
Kindness – For me, this is more about being kind to one’s self. Do what you can and remember you are doing a great job. Give yourself a break if you are being too hard on yourself to be everything to everyone.
Yes, it is a simplistic approach and some people may find it all a bit “woo woo”, though when I can’t catch my own thoughts to settle into my day, I look to my wall, take a breath and find I do start to move forward with my direction and purpose firmly in place. It’s a great starting point!
If you get the chance, write down a few words that resonate with you across all facets of your life and look to them daily. It may help you too!
Author: Michelle Glasson

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