Mixing it up…online!

Our team has decided that during this crazy (understatement) time, we are going to try and connect more with our readers and followers across multiple platforms. We are hoping the information we post on a more regular (weekly or fortnightly) basis maybe helpful in some way.

Failing this, you may at least have a laugh or get out of your own head for a few minutes, while you are all practicing social distancing and working from home. A mental break, if you will!

In the past week, our team has started working from home and we have been looking at ways to connect, not just professionally, but also socially so that we can all have a bit of a laugh or let off some steam, as we would otherwise do in our monthly Friday afternoon drinks gathering – What we call Fri-YAY Drinks!

As of this week, we have made few changes. Those drinks are now being enjoyed together online and we have decided this will happen every Friday. I think this is a warranted and much needed measure.

Here are a few shots of our recent Fri-YAY Drinks! You may notice that we are in stunning remote tropical locations or in Chris’ case, sitting in front of a large billboard displaying… himself.

Using Zoom, we have worked out that we can select a ‘virtual background’. This is something we stumbled across on Friday and all had a bit of fun with it.

For next week, we have decided to up the anti and the challenge has been made to all team members to bring their A-game with next weeks virtual background. I have an absolute cracker in mind, though I can’t give any hints.

So, my message this week is, try to mix it up online with your work colleagues. Lighten the mood and don’t make it all about the work. I think we all need this!!!

Stay at home (if possible) and stay safe!

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