With the events of the last few weeks, it was a great opportunity to increase my own readings across media platforms, about all things business events and crisis management, and I have found it extremely helpful. This information has allowed me to plant my feet firmly on the ground and look at a way forward for the coming weeks, perhaps even months.

In an industry that often holds their cards to their chest, I am noticing the flood gates open and industry colleagues talking more and more about what they are doing in their businesses to see them through to the back end of COVID-19.

This is great to see and really heartening for me personally, but I imagine for others as well. Some of our great leaders have started up lunchtime zoom chats open to anyone who wants to join, virtual wine time discussion groups and the lighting up social network platforms with helpful articles that may see your businesses and teams through the hardest times.

The abundance of relevant news articles, position pieces and webinar resources we are now seeing within our industry should be extended to and encouraged for our youngest and less experiences team members. We should all be across this!

Just today, I spoke with my team about the value I have found in reading and keeping abreast of industry news (the good and the bad). I have recommended that they all subscribe to the following industry e-newsletters. Also, for MEA, PCOA and PCMA in particular, take a look at the numerous webinars being held to support the MICE sector.

Meetings & Events Australia –
Professional Conference Organisers Association –
Professional Convention Management Association –
Micenet –
BEN – Business Events News –
Travel Daily –

I have also been following Facebook groups – Freelancer Village and Event Professionals Australia #eventprofs

For our staff, lets use this as a valuable professional development learning opportunity. Let’s get everyone informed and build a collective vision of what the next few months to a year might look like – the bad, the ugly, but most importantly what colour that light at the end of the tunnel will be.

Author: Michelle Glasson

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