Part 3 – Considerations When Selecting a Venue for Your Next Conference

This week, I address the all important question…

Where will we Host the Social Functions?

Some clients prefer to keep all event functions on-site. This can certainly be the easier option for the organisers and can eliminate the need for delegate transportation and reduces potential risks associated with delegates walking even a short distance home from a social function. This also means the delegates can relax, have a good time and head back to their accommodation when they are ready without the need to wait for buses or taxis.

In this instance, look at what function spaces are on offer at the venue. You want to avoid putting the welcome reception, conference and gala dinner all in the same room. This would be very boring for attendees.

If you can, get an outdoor space, balcony or terrace for your welcome reception, while securing the ballroom for your conference dinner, fantastic! Just make sure you can mix it up and offer your delegates a new experience with each function space.

On this point, ensure you always have a wet weather back up for any function you are planning on hosting outside.

If you are planning to hold one or more social function off-site, look at what options there are in close proximity to your conference and accommodation venue. You don’t want to be travelling much more that 30 minutes to your destination, if you can help it… or it better be OUTSTANDING!

That’s it for this week, though remember to send me any questions you have and I would be happy to write a blog about it.

Author: Michelle Glasson, GEMS Event Management


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