Part Two – Considerations When Selecting Your Conference Venue

Last week I addressed my main consideration “Will the Venue Fit the Event?“. If the answer to this questions is no, it’s time to move onto the next venue, however, if you are happy with the venue size, here is the next question I ask myself…

Is the Venue Accessible with Plenty of Transport Options?

This is a big one, and could ultimately impact whether people attend your event or not.

Firstly, look at where the venue is located in relation to major airports and city transport links. Today, event delegates are becoming more and more considerate of additional costs associated with attending an event, such as flight costs, on-ground transfer costs and simply the ease of getting around before, during and after an event.

If you are organising a ‘no distractions’ business retreat for your entire office, it may be a great option to host the event on an island or in a relatively remote location, where you plan to book group flights and bus transfers for the whole team. However, if you are hosting an industry event, with delegates arriving from all over the country and at different times of the day, perhaps keep things simple and select a venue, which is easily accessible and close to main transport routes.

Also, think about the people that attend your events. If they all live in the same city, consider venue options that are centrally located, that will allow delegates to come along for just the day or even a few hours.

Is the venue in walking distance to local shops, beaches, restaurants, banking and entertainment? If delegates have any down time, they often want to get out and about. Similarly, if they have a free evening that doesn’t require them to attend a cocktail reception or gala dinner, they want different dining and entertainment options.

Selecting a venue with access to transport, dining and entertainment options, will mean the delegate doesn’t feel trapped in the hotel and will ensure they are much happier with the whole conferencing experience.

I hope this weeks post has been helpful! Next week I address the question “Where Will We Host the Social Functions?

Published by:  Michelle Glasson, GEMS Event Management

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